About Us

"Welcome to paspeakersinda.com. Speaker is an electromechanical transducer which changes over an electrical sign into sound .The speaker might be a solitary piece it self creating sound or plan or one or more speakers in a nook delivering sound. Speaker is predominantly amassed utilizing parts like Speaker casing, speaker cone, speaker dust top, Speaker t yoke & washer, Speaker voice coil, Speaker terminal & speaker encompass. Each one section is chosen according to the determination and sort of speaker is to be made."

We deal in various types of speakers like PA Speakers and Neodymium PA Speakers .The future lies mainly in Neodymium PA speakers as they are light and small in size as well as have very powerful sound due to strong magnetic field with combination of very high quality of materials used.

We provide main sizes of all speakers for the categories mentioned above as well as deal from 12" to 24" speakers as well as their parts

Our primary brand for PA speakers is ATI PRO

We produce same quality PA speakers in competition with top brands like Top speaker brands like P Audio, JBl, RCF, Yamaha, Mackie, Behringer, Studiomaster, Peavey, Laney,Ahuja etc..Our speakers have quality materials and specifications are matched keeping in mind top Brands of PA speakers .Our PA speakers offers with excellent quality at an affordable price.

We keep stock of many standard sizes ready of different type and we also supply speakers according to customer specific requirements. We deal in all types of imported and Indian speaker types

We can supply in all over India either by courier or Transport as per customer preference or also depends on nature (weight) of the goods to be supplied.